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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ASMP Wants Your Digital Railroad Stories

ASMP is in the process of gathering information regarding Digital Railroad and the status of any unpaid licensing fees at the time DRR terminated business. If you believe that you were owed licensing fees and have not been paid or have been partially paid, please provide that information and any documentation you might have to All information is currently for internal ASMP use only and no further use will be made without your express consent.

I've posted about this before and I hope everyone out there with a story responds to this. Once again, if companies are allowed to take advantage of photographers then no one is safe and the entire industry is threatened. Don't just accept something like this as "the cost of doing business." Stand up and join others to get to the bottom of this. Digg it Facebook MySpace Slashdot Technorati Stumbleupon Twitter


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