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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Documentary Hybrid in Photography + Filmmaking with Lauren Greenfield

My last seminar of the day was with the very talented and inspiring, Lauren Greenfield called, "The Documentary Hybrid in Photography + Filmmaking." I had the opportunity to be the still photographer on a commercial she was doing for a pharmaceutical company last fall. She was the director on this commercial. Her intensity, precision and professionalism on the shoot was really amazing to be around. She has such a clear focus on what she needs to get shot-wise and emotionally from the subjects or actors.

In this seminar she showed various projects she has been working on: Delta, U.S. Army, and other Drug Companies. She also showed us clips from her documentary, documenting girls with eating disorders called "Thin" which aired on HBO. Some still images from Thin are here from that project. Some of the clips she showed us were at times difficult to watch, however with that said, it's amazing how close she is to the subjects and that's what differentiates her work. She assimilates with all of her subjects and gives them such a sense of respect and comfort and earns a great amount of trust. She also has been working with some of these girls and woman for a number of years throughout her career with her work in her published book, "Girl Culture" and "Fast Forward." Both books documenting a subculture on young girls and women in our society.

She wrapped up by showing us a film piece that the NY Times Magazine commissioned her to do based on her still images in her book "Fast Forward." The piece documented the lives of the rich youth in LA. Pretty cool to get commissioned to do a film piece based on still images!

Lauren Greenfield is always very riveting to hear from and a great ending to Day 1 of photo expo. Check back tomorrow for more updates!

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