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Thursday, August 11, 2011

IN THE LOUPE Information

I find it hard to get things done in the summer—too hot, people out of reach, no motivation. But I’ve found it is imperative to push forward anyway.

We have decided to set the premiere of IN THE LOUPE to after Labor Day. It’s almost like waiting for the new school year to start. People will be back in town--more focused and ready to work.

We are hoping to have work submitted to us here. If we like it, if we think it would be of interest to others, we’ll run it. But don’t just send us an email that says—“look at this.” If you’re want your work featured on IN THE LOUPE you have to take an active part in presenting it to us.

We’re looking for short films, Kickstarter and pitches, book projects, work that deserves a wider audience, and any good ideas you may have.

So even though it’s summer—start thinking about what you can do to get others to see your work. Become an advocate of your own photography, not just a bystander waiting to be noticed. It’s up to you! We’re just offering you the platform.

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