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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The End of Any Semblence of Reality

I just finished watching a sneak peek demo from the creators of Photoshop for their upcoming CS5 version where they introduced a new tool called "content-aware fill." This tool shortcuts the slow process of deleting information from a photo, be it a tree awkwardly positioned, a person who doesn't look right, or a piece of garbage on the ground. By just clicking on the offending item and then the "content-aware fill" tool they disappear completely.

Why it's just like what they used to do in the old Soviet Union when people were erased from the images of their own history!

Now we all know you've been able to do similar things with Photoshop since it came out, but you at least had to have some level of skill to really work it. This new tool makes it possible for anyone and everyone to remake the world in their own perfect image.

As for me, I don't know how anyone is going to be able to trust any photograph at all anymore. I know I won't be able to tell that this has been done to a photograph. So what's going to stop our history from being completely rewritten, with photos to prove it!

Maybe I'm kidding myself to think there has every really been reality to begin with. But when I saw this demo, all I could think about was what was going to be taken out of the world, and how we'll all be the poorer for it.

Tell me know what you think.

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Blogger SL Clark said...

I couldn't agree more,,, just one of the reasons National Geographic editors doesn't allow for in camera chimping; but AFAIK, they do allow for .jpg files, which leads directly to this type of post processing mess.

Police forces require special encryption security, like the Canon Data Security Kit OSK-E3. Might we someday want RAW images from our editorial shooters; at a bare minimum...??

Credibility is the only true measure and sadly the industry fails at stepping up to the plate.

Artist continue saying "no filters, no Photoshop", which is beyond laughable when viewing the imagery. Editorial shooters are running over this very same cliff. Sad.

March 26, 2010  
Anonymous David Saxe said...

Historically, the camera has always lied. It's just easier these days. Photoshop has made photo retouchers out of everybody (some better than others). If a photographer wishes to lie about his images, nothing can prevent this and it has always been so. Fortunately and thankfully, there will always be some photographers with some integrity.

April 03, 2010  

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