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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haiti Is Not Forgotten

It's been several months since the earthquake in Haiti, and help is still desperately needed. Heart for Haiti is a wonderful effort to raise money and give everyone the opportunity to buy phenomenal photography. Everyone from Cameron Davidson (National Cathedral, Haiti) to Janette Beckman (Debbie Harry), to Warwick Saint (White Bengal Tiger) to Stephen Mallon (Stone Wall) to Cleo Sullivan (Filles), and dozens of others have donated prints to this auction.

Auction Opens Weds, 5/19/10 @ 9:00am (officially, but you can actual
bid now)
Auction Closes Thurs, 6/17/10 @ 11:59pm

Weds, June 16th
Aperture Gallery
547 West 27th st, 4th fl.

There is some AMAZING art on there and the starting bid for most is $250.

So please, take a look and if you have the money, please bid! And if
you don't, then come to the Event on June 16th where the suggested
donation is only $20!!

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