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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Call for Photojournalism

As we head into fall (and I am sooo happy about that), I want to put a call out to photojournalists/documentarians with projects needing a platform. I will be curating an issue of a soon-to-be released online magazine, and am looking for material to publish.

Their first issue is soon to go live, and when it does I can name the publication. My issue will be number 3 and is scheduled for November. I am looking for stories from anywhere and everywhere that offer us a strong, new view of the world. This is a wonderful opportunity that I hope brings all kinds of work that I can consider. I am accepting both B&W and color stories.

Please don’t send me dozens of images to look at. Either direct me to your website or blog, or send 4-5 images that capture the story. There is, unfortunately, no payment. But this new magazine is coming from a source that I support 100%.

As I know more, you'll know more. But I'm really excited about this, so tell your friends and send me your stories. Email me at with your work or any questions.

Show me what you got!

I wanted to add something here to those who think I am a despicable person looking to take advantage of photographers.

First of all, I am not commissioning or assigning photographers for free. I would never do that. I am only interested in existing material.

Second of all, I am not being paid, and the magazine's founder is not being paid for this. We are looking to create a platform for work to be seen, so that possibly it will bring paying work to the photographers. Let me state here I do not advocate people working for free. NEVER! But these days the more people who see your work the better for you.

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Anonymous Ed Hamlin said...

Interesting. I am glad that you added the paragraph about compensation and intent. There are those who will think the worst.

This is very interesting and I will have to consider the possibilities

I am glad to see Trent over at the click posted up a brief and also Pix LA, which is where I ran accross your post.

September 04, 2010  

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