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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leaving 2010 Looking Towards 2011

Since we’re just about at the end of the year I thought I would take this time to look back at 2010. This is something I usually hate to do, because it seems as if I’ve never accomplished enough, and time is shooting by. But looking back this year is different. And that’s pretty exciting for me.

This has been a year full of activity and new experiences for me, as I navigated this new photo world landscape. As I’ve said to others, it is no less uncertain and confusing for me as it is for any photographer. What I have tried to do is make my own opportunities and say “Yes” more than “No” this year.

As a result, I was invited to “Atlanta Celebrates Photography” as a portfolio reviewer, visiting the city for the first time. Besides meeting some fantastic people, I got to make a personal pilgrimage to a place that had deep meaning for me. And for all of that I am grateful.

I was also invited to “FOTOfusion” in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I sat on a couple of panels and got to reconnect with some really wonderful and accomplished photo people. And you can’t beat Florida in January! I’ll be going again in 2011—January 11-16. Check it out, it’s worth the trip.

MY APA panel, "Multi Platform Editing-Presenting Your Work to the New Media Landscape" was a great success, and introduced me to Roberto DeLuna, Alison Zavos, Chris Owyoung, Erin Rabasca, as well as Alex Wright and Joe Pritchard.

Through this blog I was able to feature the works of Les Stone, Judith Fox, Michael Itkoff, Peter Turnley, Robert Herman, David Arky, Julie Grahame, Helen Jones-Florio and Jason Florio, Manjari Sharma, Nick Gleis, Bryce Lankard, Jennifer Shaw, Kyle Bravo, David Halliday, Stephen Mallon, Sara Keith, Vicki Hunt, Jimmy Williams, John May, Susan Barnett, Paul Hagedorn, Joseph Guay, Tim Hetherington and Peter Sekaer.

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at the Apple Store in SF, and met a photographer I worked with for years, but had never met in person before. That was a great added bonus for a fun event.

With my fantastic gang of four (Jason Florio, Andrea Fischman, Helen Jones-Florio and Sari Goodfriend) we blogged PhotoPlus Expo and really enjoyed most of the exhausting experience (except for the naked girls at the PDN party). Along with blogging the NYPhoto Festival in Dumbo, I’m having a good time examining the photo scene here in New York.

I’ve also done several other portfolio reviews and contest judging (thanks En Foco, APA and ASMP), seen some fantastic work and met some wonderful new photographer friends. I’ve gone to openings, been quoted on other blogs, written artistic statements, worked with some exciting clients, and moved into curating in a grander way.

For that I want to thank David Bram of Fraction magazine, who has included me as a curator for Fraction J, the every other month photojournalism section of the magazine. It was great discovering and showing the work of Benjamin Lowy, Matt Slaby, Stacy Krantiz and Colleen Mullins here.

There are more new great things to come in 2011, which I will write about as they come together, including the opportunity of curating for the Griffin Museum of Photography, and holding more workshops and seminars. I’m learning more, meeting more people, and looking for more opportunities and chances to create.

So look for Stellazine to grow as I do, and preview some changes in the New Year. Stay positive, stay warm, and dream new creative dreams. I know I will.

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